by EvenSanne

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"Haunting melodies, and refreshing harmony, woven through beautifully crafted compositions, Eran Har Even & Sanne Huijbregts of EvenSanne are fearless adventurers of their exquisite musical world."
- Becca Stevens

"EvenSanne is simply a unique and magical duo. Two people able to make so much harmonic and sonic richness and with a truly creative and out-of-the-box approach. Plus, as a guitar player myself, Eran is one of the very best in my humble opinion - an inspiring and original voice on the instrument!"
- Gilad Hekselman


released March 1, 2015

E v e n S a n n e - S t i l l (Online EP)
Sanne Huijbregts - Vocals & Loops
Eran Har Even - Guitar & Effects
Itai Weissman - EWI
Philippe Lemm - Percussion
Ruben Kieftenbelt - Recording & Master



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EvenSanne Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Still
Safely at ease, no-one to please
I take myself, all A's to Z's
Traveling light
Without strong emotions to worry about
But still I doubt

My heart is mute, clean, yet pollute
Love was a drug, forbidden fruit
Traces remain
Of dangerous altitudes, breathtaking depths
Passionate grief
Where's the relief
I should feel happy but

Still I search for one face in everyone
Stock-still I stand, though always I'm on the run
Hold still, hang on, this chase 's only just begun
There are so many faces to come

And still I’m still when somebody drops your name
A still, non sparkling word that has lost it’s flame
But still somehow brings hope, which brings only pain

Safely at ease, no-one to please
Track Name: When Will The Rain Stop?
They planned their lives
And wed their wives
But became hero's
Watching over their homes

It's not their fault
When duty calls
They go

Their sons' first words
By them unheard
Far away they were
Saving everyones hope

Though some survive
The son's and wives
Were lost

Lost in the shuffle of opinions
Trapped in the puzzle of dominions
Where all is fair

When will
The rain
Stop when
Will the
Rain stop
When will
The rain
Track Name: Evidence
Left / right, wrong / right
Thin line
Judge in between law and order

Laugh / cry, live / die
Deny fate
Stay without rhyme or reason

Secrets are just hidden truths

Doubt / trust, you must
Define truth
Intertwine each intention